Teaching the Past for the Future: New Courses for Autumn 2019

AlderleyEdgeSept18 (2)

Roman mine remains at Alderley Edge, Cheshire – industrial and Roman archaeology combined!

This autumn I’m running two archaeology adult education courses through MANCENT, a collective of extra-mural tutors in the Manchester region (see their website here: http://www.mancent.org.uk). I strongly believe that we need to bring archaeology research, and the stories and interpretations we make from these discoveries, to as wide an audience as possible. So along with all the other outreach that I do, I shall be running two courses. The first on the Roman archaeology of North West England (at STAG headquarters in Timperley) and the second Industrial Archaeology of Derbyshire (at The Angel Centre in Salford).

Details of each extra-mural course can be found below. You don’t need any prior knowledge of archaeology to join, nor any special equipment, or books (those will be provided where needed). There will be an emphasis on new material and new interpretations, and plenty of opportunities to question and debate the evidence. There may even be tea and cake!





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