My Extramural Courses for January 2020

CromfodMillsJune18 (5)

Cromford Mills, Derbyshire

I teach extramural courses for a variety of organisations, and have done for more than 30 years. My specialist teaching subjects include Roman, late medieval, buildings, and industrial archaeology, with an emphasis on (but not exclusively) northern England.

In January 2020 I will be teaching the following archaeology courses (for booking follow the web links):


  • ‘Footsteps through the Past – 40 years of Archaeology in Greater Manchester’ (The Angel Centre, Salford). Starts Wednesday 15th January at 1.30pm, 2020. 6 weeks.
  • ‘Travelling Through the Past – 2000 years of Transport Archaeology in North West England’ (STAG Display entre, Timperley Old Hall, Altrincham). Starts Wednesday 15th January 7pm, 2020. 10 weeks.

Wilmslow Guild –

  • ‘The Industrial Archaeology of Derbyshire’. Starts Monday 6 January 7.30pm, 2020. 10 weeks.

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