The Archaeotea Podcasts – Series 1

Welcome to the Archaeotea Podcasts! In this new venture, I’ll be drawing on the more than 30 years of experience I have in archaeology to bring you stories of discovery and exploration from North West England and beyond. My home is Manchester, where I have spent much of my career. I’ve worked for archaeology units, museums, and universities, and undertaken fieldwork abroad as well as around the UK. As will be apparent from my blog I’m passionate about industrial archaeology, buildings, and community involvementbut also rather partial to prehistoric, Roman, and post-medieval archaeology too!

Archaeotea Podcasts Series 1

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of professional archaeology within the Manchester City Region. So, in this first series I shall be looking at sites from across Greater Manchester, from prehistoric settlements and Roman forts, to castles and cavalry barracks. I shall also be talking to some of the key actors in the story of protecting the city region’s rich archaeological heritage. The first three episodes are:

1.1 Digging up the Hulme Barracks and the Peterloo Massacre

1.2 Buckton Castle Mysteries

1.3 The Founding of the Greater Manchester Archaeology Unit

You can download these first three Archaeotea Podcasts for free from Soundcloud here: Archaeotea | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I hope you enjoy exploring the past through my podcasts and as always a good cup of tea is a fine companion to any journey.


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