Festival of Archaeology 2021: Celeberate the North West’s Archaeology

Chester’s Roman amphitheatre, excavated most recently in the 2000s, is amongst the best known archaeological sites in the region.

This year’s Festival of Archaeology, run by the Council for British Archaeology, is well underway, with lots of exciting events happening around the country. As part of the festival’s theme of ‘Exploring Local Places’, CBA North West are inviting people to tell them about the wonderful archaeology, history, and heritage on our doorstep.

CBA North West are hosting this online celebration of all things archaeology and heritage related on the 29th July. They are inviting local archaeology groups, societies, and individuals to take a picture of an archaeology or heritage site in their area and either email then to CBA North West for adding to their website https://archaeologynw.wordpress.com or tweet them directly to the group’s twitter page https://twitter.com/cbanorthwest. This will create a kalidoscope of the region’s archaeology and heritage on one day.

You can tweet a photo of your favourite archaeology or heritage site directly to @cbanorthwest. Tweets should be no longer than 240 characters and should use the hashtag #ArchaeologyNorthWest. Or you can can post an image with text on the CBA North West website. Posts are limited to 200 words and should be emailed to andrea-grimshaw@hotmail.com You will be able to see all the contributions at https://archaeologynw.wordpress.com/events or https://twitter.com/cbanorthwest  

Furthermore, if you have ever wondered what archaeologists really do, then A Day in Archaeology may be of interest to you. This event, being held online by the Council for British Archaeology as part of the Festival, showcases archaeologists from all over the UK describing a day in their life, their career in archaeology, and why they chose the discipline. It, too, will be taking place on 29 July: https://festival.archaeologyuk.org/day

So why not join in the fun and celebrate the region’s archaeology?


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