Archaeotea Podcast #10: Researching the Castle in Lancashire & Cheshire: A Decade of Work

The latest Archaeotea podcast is an edited recording of the discussion session at the end of the castles conference run by the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society at the Grosvenor Museum in October 2022. This event looked at a decade of archaeological and historical research on castles in Lancashire and Cheshire, providing a chance to review some familiar and not so familiar castle sites in the region.

Involved in the discussion were five of the six speakers: Kirsty Lloyd & Sarah Cattell who had talked about The Bodies in the Bailey: Halton Castle Excavations, 2015 to 2017; Norman Redhead on Exploring Greater Manchester’s Lost Castles; Richard Nevell on When to slight a castle? Comparing the Castles of the earls of Chester and Leicester; and myself having discussed the community excavations at Hoghton Tower in Lancashire.

There were questions on the extent and frequency of slighting within the region and whether any materials were sold off; the rarity of finding bodies within castles; whether there was a chapel at Halton castle; and what is the value of digging earthwork castles. Follow this link to listen to the podcast:


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