My Books

I have written, frankly, more archaeology books than I can count off hand. Many of these are local or North West England-based topics, but there are wider studies as well. Topics covered range from industrial archaeology and community archaeology, to timber-framed buildings, the impact of climate change on heritage, and the Romano-British landscape. My latest volumes are ‘The Archaeology of Manchester in 20 Digs’, published in the summer of 2020 by Amberley Publishing, and covering a personal selection of favourite sites in the city of Manchester, from a Neolithic farmstead to a 1970s nightclub;  and a co-authored volume ‘Farmers and Weavers: archaeological investigations at Kingsway Business Park and Cutacre Country Park, Greater Manchester’, published by Oxford Archaeology North at the beginning of 2021 in the teeth of the COVID pandemic.

Amongst my personal favourites are ‘The Birth of Industrial Glasgow: The Archaeology of the M74’ (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 2016); ‘Industrial Archaeology: A Handbook’, co-written with Marilyn Palmer and the late Mark Sissons (Council for British Archaeology, 2012); and ‘Manchester: A Hidden History’ (History Press, 2008). I usually have at least one book project active (currently its three). You can find links to many of these studies on the Researchgate and Academia websites, or the University of Salford’s institutional repository pages, whilst others will be discussed on these pages.

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ANW13 Living on the Edge 1999 ebook